Article Date: 19/03/2020

In order to protect the health & wellbeing of staff and students we have had to close our learning centres.

Access to books is now limited to what is available in the 24 hour spaces but we are sourcing extra e-books where available - please look for these on MetSearch.

o   If you currently have books out on loan then they will automatically renew until Friday 1st May.  We will extend this if necessary.

o   If you are going home then please feel free to take the books with you (look after them!).

o   There will be NO fines for late returns during this time. If you get a recall notice please ignore it.     

o   The option to request books has been removed from MetSearch as we are not able to fulfil this service.     

o   Items can be returned through the self-service kiosks or the book box.