Data Centre Shutdown
Article Date: 02/12/2021

What is happening?

Cardiff Met’s primary Data Centre, based on the 1st floor of A block, needs to be relocated to the 1st floor of L block in the Llandaff Learning Centre. 

We also need to relocate our core network services from the 1st floor of A block to the 2nd floor of A block. 

These are significant pieces of work that require shutting down the Data Centre and all of CMET’s systems twice: first to relocate our telecommunications and networking, and secondly our systems. Both of these shutdowns will lead to a University-wide loss off our computer systems and services from both on and off-campus.


The two Data Centre shutdowns will be occurring over Xmas and at the start of the new year:

- Shutdown #1 - 27th-29th December 2021
- Shutdown #2 - 7th-9th January 2022 (starting at 17:00 on the 7th Jan)

Full details of the reasons for these shutdowns, the impact of the shutdowns, the requirements for systems to be tested, and the known impact and mitigations are all detailed on a webpage on the IT Pages here:

The announcement was sent to Deans, ADSE’s, Directors and VCEG earlier this month, to identify and work through the high level impacts and mitigations of this work.

We apologise for the situation this may put you and your colleagues in and we hope you understand what has led to requiring this change at this time. We really appreciate your support in enabling this large change.

Details are subject to change. Please keep up to date with information surrounding these two shutdowns here: IT Pages here:

How can I prepare?

Take a look at the Preparing for the IT Shutdown page, which explains how staff can prepare for the shutdown by making resources available to students in alternative ways and how students can prepare for the shutdown by downloading essential resources in advance.