SPSS - changes to versions available from AppsAnywhere
Article Date: 10/12/2019


We have recently added the latest version of SPSS, version 26 to AppsAnywhere for access on both university and personally owned devices.

Following the addition of SPSS 26, on Thursday 12th December it is planned to undertake the following changes to the remaining SPSS versions available from AppsAnywhere:

  • SPSS 24 will be removed
  • SPSS 25 will be updated with new licencing. 
If you are already using SPSS 25 from AppsAnywhere, the licence change may result in a 'Licence Expiration' message advising that "...it is no longer authorised and will be removed."  SPSS 25 will subsequently be automatically removed from your PC. Your SPSS saved files will be unaffected and you just need to visit the AppsAnywhere Portal, re-launch SPSS 25 and the newly licenced version will download to your PC.

To clarify, from Thursday 12th December, SPSS 25 & 26 will be the standard versions of SPSS available from AppsAnywhere.