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We're delighted to be offering a fresh batch of new sessions for research and researchers (at any level) at Cardiff Met - these are taking the form of workshops via Microsoft Teams. They will involve some participation and plenty of chances to ask questions - all the details and dates are below.

We are offering workshops on a number of related to research and all the details about how to join are available on the Doctoral Academy What's Happening page. Direct links to join a session/set a reminder for you calendars are also available via the links below.

Get in touch with Mark – Research Librarian ( if you have any questions before the workshop.


An introduction to using Zotero to make the managing of references and bibliographies a little easier. Zotero is a free and easy to use 'research assistant' - this workshop will show you the basics and give you plenty of tips about how to make the most of the useful software.

Research Data Management (1 hour) - VIA THE DOCTORAL ACADEMY

Find out what research data management (RDM) is and how the library can support you (it is more interesting than it sounds - trust us). RDM refers to a broad spectrum of active 'lifecycle' activities with data before, during and after a research project. 

There are a great many reasons why RDM is important and what data may refer to will be very different from discipline to discipline - but this workshop will cover RDM as applicable for all!

Introduction to Open Research (1 hour) - VIA THE DOCTORAL ACADEMY

Come along and find out more about some key elements of open research in this short workshop. We’ll explore the core concepts, what it means for you, why it matters and how to follow some key principles. The workshop will also signpost where you can get further support from Library Services.

Tools of the Scholarly Trade (1 hour) - VIA THE DOCTORAL ACADEMY

Come along and find out about some key ‘tools of the trade’ for research – making your research journey (hopefully) easier through introducing some useful tools and workflows.

Biblio what? - Bibliometics and you - VIA THE DOCTORAL ACADEMY

Find out more about bibliometics, what they are, how you can make use of them and how to take a responsible view of them. This workshop will introduce the key concepts and use Scopus (available via MetSearch) as a basis for deeper understanding.

Academic Publishing - VIA THE DOCTORAL ACADEMY

Come along for an informal workshop about academic publishing. This session will introduce you to the key concepts, tips that publishers offer and will also take you through newer concepts such as open access publishing.

Searching Systematically and Find the Gaps (1 Hour) - VIA DOCTORAL ACADEMY

This workshop will give you an overview of how to search systematically and 'find the gaps' in the breadth and depth of academic literature and sources that exist. It will suit any discipline but in particular, if you are dealing primarily with academic sources such as journal articles and grey literature. 

Figshare (30 mins) - VIA THE DOCTORAL ACADEMY

Figshare is a way for any staff member, researcher or postgraduate researcher/doctoral student at Cardiff Met to securely share any type of object, data or output associated with their work (publically or privately) and work on projects with any partner. Should you want a preview you can find out more about figshare before a workshop!