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​ORCID is a uique identifer to help distinguish you from other researchers i.e. David Smith at University of Awesome vs David Smith at University of Greatness - School of Awesome. These are increasingly being used as part of the publishing process to speed up submissions and as a way to 'enter once and reuse often' - helping to remove the need to fill out yet another online form.

In practical terms you can use ORICD as an online CV - putting together all relevant information about you and help (partly) automate lists of your publications.

Follow the advice to some steps to success - you can also view a bitesize video about ORCID (Cardiff Met staff only). 

If you have any questions or would like further support with using ORCID then get in touch!

Some Steps to ORCID success 

An ORCID gives you an online CV and an easy way to populate (and in part) automate lists of your publications/works.

Go to https://orcid.org/ and Sign/Register* 

*You can use any email address you like when first signing up 

Add as little or as much as you like to your profile – it is useful to enter your current organisation and a short bio 

Add your publications in the ‘Works’ section – you can automate this by choosing the ‘Crossref’ and the ‘Scopus’ options via the ‘search & link option** 

** You can also add works manually or by using the DOI 

Get in touch with Mark Lester – Research Librarian (mlester@cardiffmet.ac.uk) if you would like any further help!