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Figshare is a way for any staff member, researcher or postgraduate researcher/doctoral student at Cardiff Met to securely share any type of object, data or output associated with their work - publicly or privately. It helps anyone doing research fulfil different aspects of RDM, FAIR data principles, to make full use of objects or artefacts produced during the research process and lifecycle and contribute to the growing trend of open research. 

Take a look at our figshare walkthrough and/or sign up to a short 30 min online workshop - this will take you through all the essential aspects you need to know and get you started with using figshare

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Staff and postgraduate researchers (PGRs) can make full use of figshare simply by logging in to create an account - this will assign storage and a profile to you. 

You do not need to log in if you are looking to search what is available on figshare - anything that is publically available can be found via the search box.

More information can be found below as well as directly from the platform.

Please do contact for more information.

What is figshare?

Figshare is a way for Cardiff Met's research (and research data) to be made available openly. This is increasingly important if researchers here receive external funding from research councils and other sources and for things like the upcoming REF. For example - it can represent the first line of research impact i.e. can anyone with an internet connection read and gain access to supporting documentation/data that has been funded from public money. 

It also reflects and acts as a way to increase the number of ways findings and research can be communicated i.e. not in academic journal articles and matches up with areas like practice as research in Art and Design - the philosophy behind it is to help research(ers) receive credit for all their work.

Why use figshare?

Figshare is a place for all research objects and any type of digital file can be accepted, shared or displayed on the platform. The philosophy behind it is to help research(ers) receive credit for all their work - thus the platform will also be able to mint DOIs to ease discovery, will utilise the expert metadata knowledge from Library and Information Services and be able to flex to ongoing needs.

It can also act as private project/research group hubs - it has dedicated storage space to ease collaborative efforts across academic and non-academic places - both locally and internationally. For instance - a researcher could use it to privately share with a publisher the data that supports an article submission. 

What can figshare be used for?

There are quite a few examples of what figshare will be used for at Cardiff Met - here are some of the top ones:

  • Gather together data and objects from a cross-discipline research project

  • Mint your very own DOI to ensure your work can be cited and discovered more easily

  • Privately share with a publisher the data that supports an article submission or amongst a research group

  • Provide a space for individual researchers research data and objects - connected to a public profile

  • Connect to ORCID to ease multiple admin burdens i.e. place something in figshare and it will automatically show up on an ORCID profile

  • Easy versioning of a dataset or collections of datasets

  • Archive of previously used data - to enable replication purposes or to simply to preserve what has come before 

  • Follow and action FAIR data principles in a straight forward way.

  • Make work available (even in a metadata form) in places like the new Google Dataset search  

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