Getting Started

You can access Leganto by logging in to Moodle and clicking on the Reading List link in the menu of your required module or log in below using your Cardiff Met username and password.

Leganto log in button.png

The first time you access Leganto you will see a 'Welcome to your reading lists' introduction. Please read the steps and follow the instructions to setup Cite It! in your browser bookmarks. You can find further instruction on how to do this in the Create section of this guide.

You must submit your reading list to the library 6 weeks before the start of the course to ensure all materials are available to students.

Create a Reading List link in your Moodle module

To enable your students to access the reading list for their module you need to add the link to Leganto into your Moodle module. The reading list tool (LTI Link) will rollover with your Moodle module for the new academic year.

  • Go to your course page and select Turn editing on from the Actions menu.

  • Click on Add an activity or a resource


  • Select External Tool and Add

Now you need to configure the new External Tool:
  • Activity Name – This is the name of the link that will be visible for students for example "Reading List".
  • External Tool Type - Select Reading List


  • Click Save and return to course

  • The link has been created and you can now Turn editing off.

Please note - Reading list links added with the External Tool must be set up in the individual course module and cannot be included in a meta module.

Create a Reading List link to a specific Reading List or Section

You can use the same external tool in Moodle to create links to specific Module Lists or List Sections by using the relevant LTI Direct Access link from Leganto. To find this link:

  • Go to the specific reading list or reading list section within Leganto and click on the ellipses menu:


  • Select LTI Direct Access and copy the code


  • To add this link into Moodle, you now add an External Tool as you would when linking to an entire Reading List, but when configuring the new External Tool follow these extra steps:
    • Activity name – The name of the link that will be visible for students, for example "Essential Reading".
    • External tool type – Reading List


  • Then, under Show More, paste the LTI Direct Access code into the Custom Parameters text box.

  • Click Save and Return

Welsh Language

The Leganto interface can be viewed in either Welsh or English. To select your language preference, click on the language option in the top-right corner of the page.

welsh language.png

My Lists

All the lists you manage or contribute to will appear in My Lists. Adding your reading lists to this page allows you to quickly find and edit them in one place.

My lists.JPG

My Collection

My Collection is your own personal citation library and can be a starting point to gather together items you may wish to use in your reading lists. You can save items here for quick access to add to reading lists later. You can find instructions on how to add items to a reading list from My Collection in the Create section of this guide.

My Collection.JPG

To keep track of the items in your personal collection you can add tags to filter them. Any tags and notes added in My Collection are personal to you and will not be visible when the item is added to a reading list.