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Edit items

  • You can edit the bibliographic information for items in your list by clicking on the item options button and selecting Edit item
  • screenshot 7.png

Here you can amend the item type, for example specifying Book Chapter if there is a specific chapter required for reading. We can also digitise individual chapters and so that they are accessible directly from Leganto in a PDF format, you can find information how to do this here

Add Notes

If you want to add notes to an item, click on the item in the list to open a pop-up window with additional information such as links and item availability. Here you can add notes: Public notes are visible to anyone viewing the list and Private notes are only visible to you. 

screenshot 8.png

screenshot 9.png

Move sections and items

You can change the order in which sections and items appear by individually dragging and dropping them into new parts of the list.


You can add other people as collaborators to your lists, in order to allow them to add and edit items. 

  • Click on the Collaborators tab in the reading list's side-pane and click Manage collaborators

Collaborators 1.png

  • Here you can find the person you want to add as a collaborator by searching for them by name or email address. Click Send invitation to notify them of their list collaborator status.

Collaborators 2.png

There are two collaborator levels:

  • Manager – can edit the list, add collaborators, or delete the list.
  • Editor – can edit the list, but cannot add collaborators or delete the list.

New collaborators have the default level of Editor, but the list Manager can re-assign levels.

Removing yourself as a collaborator from a list

If you are an instructor or a collaborator on a Reading List and you don't wish to be, you can remove yourself from the list:

  • On the right hand side of the page select Collaborators and click Manage Collaborators
  • You can then remove yourself by clicking on the cross next to your name

Collaborators 4.png

Deleting items and sections

  • Click on the ellipses for an individual item and click Delete Item. 

Delete item.png

You can do the same with list sections but note that all items within the section will also be deleted.

Deleting reading lists

  • Click on the ellipses of the relevant reading list in My Lists and select Delete.

Delete list.png