Borrowing and Auto-renewals

  • ​​​One week loan period: everything apart from Interlibrary loans, reference items, 4-hour loans an laptops is loanable for a week at a time.

  • Auto-renewals: if no-one else requests your item, and as long as your account is not blocked, it will automatically renew for another week​.

  • Recalls: if an item you have on loan is reserved by someone else, you will receive an email notification asking you to return it.  You will not have to bring it back any earlier but you will need to bring it back by the current due date.

  • Managing your account: remember that you can check your loans and reservations via "My Account" on MetSearch.

Students and Academic Staff

How many books can I borrow?

You can borrow 30 books.

How do I renew?

If your loans have not been reserved by someone else, they will be automatically renewed for you. You can still renew online by using the My Account option on Met​Sear​ch. You will need to click on Sign in first before you can  access your account on MetSearch - use your IT username and password to login. After you Sign in, click on My Account​ which brings up your current active loans and select Renew All to renew your items. If an item has been reserved by someone else, the status will say "Not renewable - contact library" and you will need to bring it back by the stated due date.

We can also renew items for you at the library desk, if you phone us or via email.

An item cannot be renewed if:

  • it has been reserved by another borrower
  • it is an inter-library loan
  • your library account has been blocked

How do I return books?

Items can be returned to either of our two learning centres via self-service or at a helpdesk. If we are closed​ then please use the book boxes located outside each entrance.

Can I reserve books?

You can reserve books.  Use MetSear​ch to search for the item you would like to borrow, click on Get It and then click Reserve @ Cardiff MetPlease ​note you need to click on ​'Sign in' in MetSearch before you can reserve items. Choose  collection or a postal loan (put your address in the notes field).

My books are late, what should I do?

Contact us as soon as possible to avoid fines increasing. If we are closed please email us and we will ensure you are not unfairly fined.

Distance Learners

How many books can I borrow?

You can borrow 30 books.

What can I borrow?

Most items from the library can be borrowed. Exceptions include print journals, reference books and 4-hour loans.​

Will I get extended loan dates?

Yes - all items will be issued to you for 3 weeks at a time.​

How do I get books?

Use MetSear​ch to search for the item you would like to borrow, click on Get It and then click Reserve @ Cardiff Met. Please ​note you need to click on ​'Sign in' in MetSearch before you can reserve items. Choose a postal loan (put your address in the notes field).

​Fines Policy

How much are fines?

Overdue recalled items: £1 per day up to a maximum of £10 per book

​Fines up to £10

Your account will not be restricted.

Fines over £10

Your library account will be restricted and you will be unable to use the self-service machines. 

How do I pay?

You can pay your fines in MetSearch.  Sign-in and navigate to 'My Library Account' - 'Fine and Fees'.   Here you can only pay the full amount.  

Can fines be waived if I have been ill?

If you are unable to attend lectures due to illness or mitigating circumstances, please ask your personal tutor to contact the library​ to confirm your absence so that we can waive the fine.  If you have any queries about fines please contact us.

​Lost and Overdue Books

Lost Books - what to do

Contact ​your campus library either in person or via email in the first instance.

There is a standard replacement cost of £50 for a lost or damaged item. If an item is worth a lot more than £50 then we reserve the right to charge a higher replacement cost.

As an alternative you can replace the lost item with a new copy or good quality second-hand copy - as long as it matches the edition you have lost.

Overdue ​​Books

Once items become overdue you will be sent two ​overdue email reminders. If you fail to return items after these emails have been sent then Cardiff Met will invoice you for the full replacement cost. Your IT access (i.e moodle, email, electronic library and computer based exams) will be blocked once you have been invoiced.

It is vital that you contact your campus library if you are having difficulties returning items.

If you leave your course early please ensure you return all items to the library otherwise you will be invoiced for their replacement cost.

Final year students should be aware that your library account needs to be clear before you graduate. Failure to do this may result in your award being withheld.

Using Other Libraries - Sconul Access, Cardiff University & RWCMD

Sconul Access

The Sconul Access scheme allows staff, researchers and students to join and borrow from other Higher Education libraries in the UK and Ireland.

There are different bands of borrowers (see our guide to Sconul bands for more information) and borrowing rights vary by institution.

The scheme is available to all staff and students; however reference only access is usually granted to undergraduates with borrowing rights only given to staff, researchers and postgraduates.

How to apply

Please apply online at -

If you have any questions please contact our rep Lucie Klimankova -

Cardiff University and RWCMD Reciprocal Scheme

Cardiff Met has a Reciprocal Borrowing Scheme​ with Cardiff University and Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama​ (RWCMD). This scheme enables undergraduates to join the library at the participating institutions and borrow books. Membership lasts to the end of the current academic year.

How to app​​ly​

​Fill out an application form and bring it to either of our campus libraries. Only applicants with a clear library account (no fines) and a valid reason to apply will be considered.

Once approved you will be sent a letter of introduction from the University Librarian. Take this letter, along with your Cardiff Met student card either to Senghennyydd or the Health library at Cardiff University, or RWCMD library to join up.

The membership allows you to borrow 2 items. ​

Assistance for Students

​All campus libraries have specific measures in place that can assist you in using our services.

​Please ​​contact Cardiff Met's disability service​ so they can advise us of any extra support you may need. We can offer, for example, extended loans or assistance at our shelves to retrieve books as well as other support should it be needed. 

Alumni and Visitors

As Alumni of Cardiff Met, former students are automatically entitled to use some of the services the library offers including borrowing our books and DVDs, and accessing some of our e-resources. More details are available on our alumni pages.

We believe in making our collections accessible to all so that everyone can enjoy, and be inspired by them. We also believe that this access should be free to individuals. If you would like to visit and borrow from our collections then take a look at our visitors pages.