Open Access

There are over 500 Open Access PCs in Cardiff Met for you to use and most of these are in our Learning Centre IT Suites.  Here you will find a mixture of Windows PCs and Apple iMAC PCs all running Windows 10 Education and Microsoft Office 2016.  Most of the iMAC PCs dual boot so you can choose between Windows 10 or MacOS High Sierra before logging in.

All Open Access PCs connect to the Universities central print queue so you can release your prints from any location and have the choice of mono or colour printing.  All centres have multi function devices that print A3 and A4 and also scan and copy capabilities. 

All our Learning Centres and Open Access areas are Wi-Fi ready and connecting to the wireless network is a must for those who wish to work on their personal laptops or browse the web from their mobile device.  There are scanning facilities throughout the Learning Centre and you can even connect your personal laptops to our LCD displays should you wish to work in groups on a presentation or project work.

See what equipment is available at each campus below and view current PC Availibity here .

At Llandaff there are over 140 stations in the main IT suite situated in Zone 2 of the Learning Centre.  This room has been described as the 'heart of the campus' and is central to the student learning experience.  We have combined volume with social spaces throughout the learning centre and in particular the IT suite.  We have a mixture of Windows and OSX operating systems and Desktop and iMAC based stations. 

We also have a number of stations in the concourse area for quick and easy access to the internet and E-Mail when 'on the fly' between lectures etc.

Ground Floor Zone 1 Concourse

  • Available 24 hours
  • L0.02 Study Room with 4 PCs and wall mounted display
  • Out of Hours computer lab (L0.03)

Ground Floor Zone 1

Available 24 hours

Mixture of iMACS and PCs

Group and individual powered workspaces

Ground Floor Zone 1

  • Modern Learning Space (L1.04)
  • Mixture of iMACS and PCs
  • Group and individual powered workspaces

Zone 1 2nd Floor

  • 11 Open Access Desktop PCs

Zone 2 1st Floor - IT Suite

  • 140+ Open Access Desktop PCs
  • 25 Apple iMAC PCs with Windows 10 and MacOS (Dual Boot)
  • 4 Teaching Rooms also used for Open Access
    • T1.03, 24 Desktop PCs
    • T1.04, 18 Desktop PCs
    • T1.10, 24 Desktop PCs
    • T1.11, 24 Desktop PCs
  • 2 Study Rooms with desktop PCs in each room
  • Group work area with comfortable seating
  • Technology Support Desk

Zone 3 2nd Floor

  • 20 Open Access Desktop PCs
  • Staff Training Room with 9 Desktop PCs
  • Student Training Room with 17 Desktop PCs

Zone 3 3rd Floor

  • Open Access Desktop PCs​


N2.02, CSAD

Outside the Learning Centre we have N2.02 which is situated in the Cardiff School of Art & Design.  This is a large room split between teaching and open access.  This room is available until 7PM (midnight by agreement) and is home to 22 open access iMacs and 17 for teaching (approx 40 in total).

All students are welcome to use this facility especially during the evenings and/or weekends which the out of hours' suite is heavily used.  More information on opening hours can be found here.