Wi-Fi - Manual Connection Instructions

Sometimes devices have issues with the eduroam setup tool for various reasons. In this instance, or if your device isn’t one of the setup tool’s supported devices you can use the information below to get connected to the eduroam network.

The exact information will vary from device to device but the following settings should allow you to connect.  Note that not all the settings below will be required for every device.  More settings are given in order to try and cover as many different device types as possible.


  • Network name/SSID: eduroam

  • Security type: WPA2 Enterprise

  • Encryption: AES EAP

  • Type: PEAP Phase 2

  • Authentication: MSCHAPV2

  • Identity/Username: staff/student ID @cardiffmet.ac.uk (eg. st12345678@cardiffmet.ac.uk or sm12345@cardiffmet.ac.uk)

  • Password: your Cardiff Met network password

  • Realm/Domain: leave blank

  • Outer identity: leave blank

  • Fast reconnect: Yes

  • Server SAN: empty

  • Verify Server Certificate: Yes

  • Global Root Certificate: Pfence HA

  • CA Certificate to install: PFenceHACA.der


NB. Some older Android devices fail to download the above certificate. If this is the case you may need to arrange to get the certificate onto your device’s SD card and install the certificate from there.

If you have any difficulty then please contact the IT Helpdesk on extension 7000, or by emailing ithelpdesk@cardiffmet.ac.uk.  IT Advisors are also available at the Technology Support Desk in the Learning Centres to help you with any difficulties.