Telephone Services

Cardiff Met Staff are reminded that the Electronic Communications Policy also applies to the use of Mobile Services.

Mobile Services are provided for business usage and any personal usage must be done in line with Cardiff Met's Financial Regulations (staff only).


Large bills will be highlighted to the relevant budget holder and if necessary directly to the relevant member of VCB.​

High charges can be incurred from accessing media content, such as video, or from overseas usage particularly in relation to Internet Access.

How do I get a mobile phone or smartphone?

  • You would need to select a mobile phone or smartphone from the latest Vodafone handset price list.  There is a link to this below.  Cardiff Met do not support Blackberries and our recommended smartphones are Apple iPhones or HTC Devices with the Android Operating System.

  • If you require a data service then you will also need to liaise with IT Helpdesk to ensure you select the most appropriate data tariff.

  • A formal written or emailed order request should then be sent by your line manager to confirm that he/she is happy with Cardiff Met funding the purchase and 2 year contract costs. The request should also identify why the contract is required and provide a cost code to be recharged for the handset procurement.

  • In exceptional cases, smartphone procurements may require additional approval of the Director of Library and Information Services.

What to do if you lose your mobile?

If your mobile phone has been lost or stolen, please contact the Vodafone Public Sector Customer Services team on 03333 044444. They can place a bar immediately.  Then, as soon as possible, please inform your line manager and IT Helpdesk.

What if I intend to travel abroad?

Roaming charges, for data and/or voice, can be very expensive. If you travel regularly, as part of your Cardiff Metropolitan contract, then it's worth considering one of the Roaming Data Bundles listed in Mobile Tariff however these can also be expensive over a long period of time.

How are mobile phone bills paid?

Mobile phone invoices are generated on a quarterly basis (3rd week of January, April, July and October) by Vodafone. They are then delivered directly to departmental administrators by email.

Please see below for further help and information: