Preparing for the IT Shutdown

A Daily Digital micro-webinar was held on Tuesday 7th December at 12:00. It explored how staff can prepare for the shutdown by making resources available to students in alternative ways and how students can prepare for the shutdown by downloading essential resources in advance.


The webinar recording is available on the Digital Skills YouTube channel.

How can students prepare for the shutdown?

The main thing students can do to prepare is download resources in advance. The guidance below explains how to download content from Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Moodle and library resources.

Downloading content from Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive

Content (such as files and videos) that has been shared through Teams, SharePoint Online or OneDrive can be downloaded through the Download button. This needs to be done prior to the shutdown.

Refer to the Downloading content from Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive section of the micro-webinar.

Synchronising OneDrive Content

OneDrive content can be synchronised to your hard drive. Navigate to OneDrive then use the Sync button on the toolbar. To fully download a file or folder, right-click on it and select Always keep on this device.

Refer to the Synchronising OneDrive Content section of the micro-webinar.

Downloading Moodle content

To download files stored on Moodle (e.g. PowerPoint slides, Word documents), right-click on them and choose Save link as. To download other content from Moodle and for more details take a look at this video.

Downloading Panopto ReView recordings

Panopto Review video content can be downloaded, but the option needs to be enabled on a per-module basis. Refer to this guidance on how to request that downloads be enabled and for how to download content once the option is enabled.

Downloading library resources

Take a look at the Library’s shutdown infographic.

To download journal articles, open the link to the PDF then use the Download button in the PDF reader to download a copy. Refer to Library Services’ guidance on how to download e-books.

Refer to the Downloading library resources section of the micro-webinar.

How can staff prepare for the shutdown?

As well as sharing information about how students can prepare for the shutdowns, staff can make Teams and Panopto recordings available to their students

Making Teams recordings available to students

To make Teams/recordings available to students, download the video from Stream, then upload it to Teams (SharePoint Online) or OneDrive. Students must download the videos prior to the shutdown. Alternatively, if you have a YouTube channel you can upload it there.

Refer to the Making recordings available to students section of the micro-webinar.

Making Panopto content available to students

Panopto ReView video content can be downloaded, but the option needs to be enabled on a per-module basis. Staff should contact to enable this.