Get 1TB of Cloud Storage with 'OneDrive for Business'


​​​​​​What is 'OneDrive for Business'?

OneDrive for Business (OD4B) is Microsoft's cloud based online file storage and sharing service that is delivered to Cardiff Met staff and students as part of the University's Office 365 subscription.

Staff and students receive an initial allocation of up to 1TB of storage and it's an ideal place for storing documents that can be accessed from a variety of Devices including Windows & Apple Computers and ​Android & Apple Smartphones/Tablets

Students and Staff can access OneDrive for Business from the O365 apps list at

Find out more from our FAQ below.


What devices and applications can use 'OneDrive for Business'?​

​You can access OD4B from:-
  • A computer running a standards compliant web browser, although we'd recommend using Internet Explorer if you want to take advantage of Explorer view. Guidance for using OD4B is available here
  • iPad or iPhone using the using the OneDrive App from the Apple App Store in conjunction with the official Microsoft Word,Excel & PowerPoint apps also available in the Apple App Store.
  • ​Android device using the OneDrive App from the Google Play Store in conjunction with the official Microsoft WordExcel & PowerPoint also available in the Google Play Store. 

What's the difference betw​een 'OneDrive for Business' & 'OneDrive'?​

Microsoft also offers OneDrive for 'personal' use. The personal OneDrive offers a variety of storage options and functionality on based various subscription tiers.

OneDrive for Business is online storage included as part of your work/study at Cardiff Met. OneDrive for Business is managed by Cardiff Met, providing an initial 1TB of storage and allows you to share and collaborate on work/study related documents with colleagues.​

Are there any limits or restrictions?

The default storage available for use within your OneDrive for Business space is 1 TB. The maximum individual file size is currently 100GB (as at 7/1/2021) and you can upload most document file types. Further details on file sizes, naming conventions etc. can be found here​

Can I sync my 'OneDrive for Business' files to my local computer?

Yes, the sync client is available on University owned computers. It can also be installed to personally owned devices but before doing so please read the the 'Securing Data' section of IT Security guidance.

What data can I store in OneDrive for Business?

Students can use it to store documents and data related to their studies at Cardiff Met

Staff can use it as a 'personal' document storage area related to their work at Cardiff Met and should consider 'Storing your Work' guidance if they require guidance on the suitability of OneDrive for storage of data.

Is 'OneDrive for Business' backed up and can I get deleted files back?

Microsoft have a very resilient system in place so no information will be lost if there is a failure.

Deleted documents go to the recycle bin, after which they can be recovered for a period of 90 days. If they are deleted from the recycle bin they are sent to a second-stage recycle bin.  As you are the owner of your OneDrive site, you can recover documents from both recycle bins yourself - see this guidance for more information


The total time that deleted documents are recoverable is 90 days. For example, if a document is deleted on day 0 it will move to the recycle bin. If that document is then deleted on day 30 it will move to the second-stage recycle bin where it will be held for a further 60 days, for a total of 90 days recoverability

What happens to my 'OneDrive for Business' data when I leave the University?

​​Students - All files stored in your OD4B storage area will become inaccessible to you when you leave and will be deleted 1 year after graduation. It is your responsibility to ensure that you obtain copies of any documents or files you require when you Cardiff Met.

Staff - All files stored in your OD4B storage area will become inaccessible to you when you leave. It is your responsibility to ensure that you obtain copies of any documents or files you require when you Cardiff Met.

Do you have any guidance for using 'OneDrive for Business'?

You can get an overview of using 'OneDrive for Business' here