Microsoft Live Events

​Before you can use live events you need to log a call with the IT Help desk on 02920 41700 or by logging a call yourself at to have Live Events activated.  This can take 48 hours.

At the moment under our license we are restricted to running 15 concurrent live events across all of Cardiff Met.  A request has been sent to Microsoft to see if this can be increased for all universities 

Create Live Event

This first video shows you how to schedule a live event.

The first part of the video (40 seconds) is out of date, to create a new live event go to your calendar in teams and you will see a drop down on the new meeting button, from the drop down select new live event, 

The rest of the video is correct.

Start Live Event

This video explains the roles of producer and presenter, you can present in a live event if you are a producer its just a lot more fiddly, if at all possible you need at least two people to run a live event.

Live Events Reports & Recordings

You can get reports on who attended events and how long they stayed in the meeting. You can also download the Q&A into excel to review what questions were asked and answered.

You can also download a video of the live event

How to manage your Q&A

This short video explains the best way to manage Questions and Answers in a live event.

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This page is designed to get you started with Live Events.  As we get more experience of running events this page will be updated, so revist this page for all the lates Live Events information and guidence