Remote Access with the FINDAPC service

Students can now access on-site student computers with the FINDAPC service

The AppsAnywhere service already allows students to stream a variety of course related software to their own devices but we understand that due to the current pandemic restrictions, there may be instances where AppsAnywhere may not quite fit with your requirements, examples include:

  • You use a Mac and need access to Windows-based software.
  • Your PC is not powerful enough to run the software.
  • You need access to software / resources which can only be accessed from an on-site computer.

To assist with the above scenarios, Information Services has opened a pool of computers in our Learning Centres for students to remotely access via our new findapc service.

  • You can access the service with your student username (e.g. in the format st12345678 ) and password at
  • Once connected you can use the computer as if you were using it on-site. You should save your files to OneDrive and ensure files have synced before logging off.
  • Only use the service when required and only for as long as you need it. Idle connections will be automatically disconnected after 1 hour of inactivity.
  • Remember to log off at the end of your session so the computer can be made available for re-use as soon as possible.

More details on using the service can be found here.