Data Centre Shutdown Schedule

When is this happening?

The considerations set out below present a tough set of circumstances, that leave us with the only 2 workable dates:

    • Shutdown #1 - 27th-29th December 2021
    • Shutdown #2 - 7th-9th January 2022 (starting at 17:00 on the 7th)

Why have we chosen to do it at this time?

There are a number of factors that have needed to be considered for the switchover dates, namely:

    • Work starts on renovating the 1st floor of A block for CST in Mid Jan. The existing Data Centre needs to be relocated by then.

    • The Data Centre will need to be shut down twice to first enable the network switchover works, and then the systems storage and servers. Each process takes 2-3 days. So should ideally be achieved outside of our busiest working hours in order to minimise disruption.

    • There is a statutory Western Power shutdown of the campus scheduled for the middle of January 2022. The Data Centre switchover will need to be completed before this date to ensure no further disruption to Cardiff Met services takes place during the week (Estates will be communicating around this power shutdown event).

    • To avoid undertaking this work during term time. 

    • To avoid Exam Boards.



Following each shutdown, we would strongly encourage system owners to test that their systems are working as expected, as soon as they are able. 

    • For the first shutdown, this would ideally be testing on the first day after the Christmas break – Tuesday 4th Jan, although any time after the 29th December would give additional contingency to remedy any issues before the first working day.
    • For the second shutdown, testing should occur on Monday 10th Jan. 
    • We are aware that there are online exams and hand-ins on the 10th Jan and other periods across the Christmas and New Year break, and are working on plans to test those functions in time.

The level of testing is down to each system and system owner. We would suggest that you test to a level where you are comfortable that the system is working as expected.

If you believe testing has identified issues with your system, please log a call with the IT Helpdesk on 02029 417000, ext. 7000 of email using