Data Centre Shutdown Risks


The process has identified a number of potential risks, which are outlined at the end of this message. We are working through mitigations for each risk identified below. If you are aware of others, please let me know ASAP, and we will work with you to identify further workarounds and mechanisms for reducing the impact.

Please note that, although we do not have alternatives for these dates, we will do what we can to mitigate any impacts they may generate for you.

Apologies for the situation this may put you and your teams in. We hope you understand what has led to requiring this change at this time. 

We really appreciate your support in enabling this large change.

Known Risks

​Potential Impact

​Fire systems in halls and Alex house are linked via telephone lines to Llandaff reception. These won’t be working during the 2 outages.

Fire alarms are not affected and will continue to operate locally. Only the links to Llandaff Reception will not function.

​Fire alarms are not notified/triggered within Reception at Llandaff. Emergency responses are not initiated.

Risk to life.

​Contingency plans are being considered, including having staff on standby to monitor the situation within each area at risk, and trialling a new system that is not reliant on CMET networks.


​Online Exams & Hand-ins on the 10th Jan.

This is the first day of normal operations following both outages, but included systems testing initially due to be undertaken in the morning.

​Systems may not be functioning, causing delays in exam submissions.

Increase in Mit Circs (with the Mit Circs system itself being one that requires timely testing)


If students are not aware, they may plan to revise over the weekend of the 2nd outage (7th – 9th Jan).

Further potential hand-ins discovered on the 27th Dec and 7th Jan. 

​Registry are considering academic mitigation, such as extended deadlines. 

Staff are considering testing of Moodle & Mit Circs on Sunday 9th. Allowing additional time to resolve any issues that may impact on hand-ins.

Student downloading their revision material in advance of the outages.

Ensuring students are informed well in advance.

Schools are exploring changes to hand-in dates.


​Welsh athletics sports event on the 9th Jan. 

​Welsh Athletics own timing and recording systems rely on wifi usage, the customer (participant and spectator) impact would be negative, esp no wifi.

Aircon and ventilation in NIAC

Commercial services cannot take payments.

Missed revenue from refreshments.

No local wifi service for participants or spectators.

​Some services and network functions will be operating during the shutdown. 

Welsh Athletics scoring network is independent to CMET’s data network, and should continue to function.

Tills will function in Cyncoed.

The guest wifi network will continue to function at Cyncoed.

Sport advised to contact Estates to establish functionality. 

Commercial services will switch to a cash only service.

Our EPOS supplier has confirmed tills will work offline

Personal mobile data services will be available.


​Tills/MetRewards app will not function.

​Unable to use app for redemption of meals for catered residential meal entitlement.

Catering have agreed they will switch to a paper voucher system temporarily for this service.


​Students in halls will not have campus network/wifi access during either outage. 


This is not perceived by Sarah Spencer to be a huge issue. 

Around 50 students would normally remain in halls over the Christmas period – 27th-29th period

The majority of students would return to halls on the second weekend of the year – 7th – 9th period

​Discussed with Halls team, options to use personal mobile data, and the need to high quality comms to students.


​Controls for heating and hot water don’t function.

​Unable to provide heat or hot water to students in halls.

​Estates have reported the functionality to change temperatures will not affect the provision of services during the outages. Heating and hot water will continue to be available.


​Students are unaware of the outages.

Often difficult to attain comprehensive and pervasive comms with students.

​Students are not able to revise weekend prior for Jan Hand-ins.

Students in halls cannot communicate as expected.

​Develop a student communications plan with key stakeholders.

Include use of academic staff to notify students.


​Candidates are unable to upload job applications to iTrent during the outage.

​Candidates miss potential closure dates.


​People Services are planning to put announcements on iTrent to explain the situation to potential applicants. 


​Gym bookings system will not work

​Customers unhappy with ability to book online.

​​Sport staff have reported that they can use a manual booking system.


​Payroll run on the 7th Jan will not be able to function.

Staff normally paid on 15th will be impacted.

Many unhappy staff.

Payroll reported that the ability to work from home means payroll can be run on the 6th Jan instead.

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