Data Centre Shutdown - widespread loss of computing and networking

What is happening?

Cardiff Met’s primary Data Centre, based on the 1st floor of A block, needs to be relocated to the 1st floor of L block in the Llandaff Learning Centre. We also need to relocate our core network services from the 1st floor of A block to the 2nd floor of A block. 

These are significant pieces of work that require shutting down the Data Centre and all of CMET’s systems twice: first to relocate our telecommunications and networking, and secondly our systems. 

Why do we need to do this?

This work is required to deliver a number of key developments, including the expansion of the School of Technologies into A block, the installation of resilient power technologies - in the form of a backup power generator and UPS

It will deliver performance improvements to take us through the next few years, and the move is required to achieve audit recommendations and increase the security of our services and data. 

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