AppsAnywhere is changing the way software applications are delivered at Cardiff Met.

AppsAnywhere is an app store allowing software to be delivered on demand, when and where you need it.

The majority of software currently published through AppsAnywhere is delivered using CloudPaging technology, allowing the software to be streamed and locally virtualised on Windows computers but as it's device aware, it will also provide MacOS or tablet versions of software where available.

Delivering software through AppsAnywhere enables Students to access course related software from Cardiff Met PCs across Llandaff & Cyncoed. The service will also provide staff with access to study and work related applications.

AppsAnywhere also allows those applications to be accessed from personally owned devices whether off-campus or connected to campus WiFi (subject to software licence criteria).

As the applications are delivered directly from the AppsAnywhere portal, you're always getting access to the correct software version for your study or work

You can find out more details about the service in the sections below.​

Student access from Open Access / Teaching Room PCs

The AppsAnywhere portal will open automatically for students logging onto Open Acess and Teaching Room PCs and you can also open it using the 'AppsAnywhere' desktop shortcut.

The portal displays applications in 3 main lists:

  • The 'All available' applications list - some may not be available due to licence restrictions. 
  • Your personal 'Favourites' list. You can add the applications you regularly use to your Favourites list by clicking the 'Add to Favourites' star above the application. 
  • The  'Categories' list - this is a grouping of applications based on School/Subject disciplines.
Alongside these lists, you can also search using the 'Search Apps' facility.

To launch a software application, hover over the application and then click the green  'Launch' button. The application will automatically stream down to the PC, locally virtualise and then launch.

The main difference with using AppsAnywhere apps is with  opening saved data files. When software is locally installed to a PC, it sets up file associations which tell the computer which application it should open if you select a document/data file e.g. if SPSS was locally installed and you click on a .sav file, the PC would know that it needs to open the file with the SPSS Application. 

If you try this on a PC that receives SPSS from AppsAnywhere, if you haven't already launched the SPSS program, the PC won't know it should use SPSS for a .sav file and you'd receive an error indicating this. To avoid or resolve this error you simply need to open up the Software Application first and then open the data file. 

​Don't worry, Office Applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Access are all installed locally so all PCs will know what to do with Office data files!

How can Staff use it on Cardiff Met PCs?

​Staff can access AppsAnywhere on Windows 10 & Windows 7 Cardiff Met PCs at 

Staff Windows PCs should already have the necessary client software installed to enable use of the service. Once you've access the portal, you can browse the software available for University owned PCs. 

Due to the various staff software builds curently deployed around Cardiff Met, some of the applications displayed in the AppsAnywhere portal may already be locally installed to your PC and AppsAnyhere is usually smart enough to detect this and launch the local version rather than streaming down another instance of the software! 


Student & Staff access from Personal Devices

Students and Staff can access the service on personal devices following the instructions here. Note that not all applications are available for home use as the software licence needs to allow 'Home Use' to enable us to make it available for personal devices.

Can you add an app for me?

​If there's an application or download link you'd like to be published on AppsAnywhere, Cardiff Met Staff can submit a publishing request here or using the QR code below and a member of the packaging team will contact you to discuss your request.

AppsAnywhere - Software Request QR.png 



Can I find out whether my running apps are delivered via CloudPaging? 
You can view your CloudPaging apps through the CloudPaging Player. Click the shortcut to it in the CloudPaging Player folder on Windows Start Menu as highlighted below or type Cloudpaging into the Search Windows box: 

The Cloudpaging Payer will open and show any CloudPaged apps. In the example below, Google Chrome is the only CloudPaged app that has been opened on the PC.  ​

Can I use AppsAnywhere on my own PC? 
Yes. You can access the service from personal devices using this guidance.

I'm receiving an error trying to open a data file. 
It may be that the data file was created using software that's only available on the PC you're using via CloudPaging e.g. if the error is similar to those below, then try launching the Software Application first and then open your saved data file. ​ FileAssocErrorW7.png  FileAssocErrorW10.png

Are all Student software applications delivered by AppsAnywhere? 
No, we don't deliver all student applications via AppsAnywhere. The Microsoft Office Suite containing Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access & Outlook are locally installed along with a number of other applications. 

You can find out where we're using it in the Available Apps and Locations section. 

Why do a few applications take longer than others to start with Cloudpaging?
When an application is launched via AppsAnywhere, the application is broken down into chunks known as pages and only the pages needed to initially start the application are streamed (downloaded) to the PC and are then virtualized. 

While this usually helps to speed up the initial start-up process, some applications require a larger number of pages before first start which may take longer to download and virtualise.​​
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