Skype for Business

Skype for Business is a communications platform that provides us with the flexibility to communicate effectively from the comfort of our own desk! Skype for Business enables; video & audio conferencing, instant messaging and the sharing of documents. Using Skype, staff can connect with co-workers across campuses, at home, or on the other side of the world.

How will I benefit from Skype?

  • Hold audio or video chats / conferences with contacts
  • Instant message with contacts across the University
  • See your contacts' online availability status
  • Schedule Skype meetings in Outlook
  • Start conversations from Microsoft Office apps (e.g. Word, PowerPoint, etc.)
  • Share an application, desktop, or document on-screen in real-time


How can I get Skype for Business on my device?

All staff have a Skype for Business account, your login details will be your Office 365 ID, e.g. and your password will be your normal network password.

If you will be using Skype on a mobile device or laptop, you probably already have all the hardware you need (camera and microphone).  If you wish to use Skype on a desktop we can recommend cameras and headsets. Just contact IT Helpdesk for this.

Skype for Business is available to all staff, and will run on desktop computers and mobile devices.

​Windows 10 Machines Skype for Business is part of the standard windows 10 staff PC build and is already installed on your machine. However, your account still needs to be activated in your office 365 account in order for you to use it.   
​Older versions of Windows​If your PC runs an older version of Windows, then you will need to contact the IT Helpdesk for advice about installing/using the software.
​Macs​Skype software has to be downloaded from the office 365 portal, the helpdesk can offer advice and assistance with this.
​Mobile Devices​If you want to use skype on a mobile device you just need to download the skype for Business app from the appropriate app store.
​Personal Devices

You can use Skype for Business on personal devices.

Getting Started

For help getting started with Skype for Business, please watch the short video below.



Skype Meetings

This live demonstration explores how Skype for Business can be used as a video conferencing tool. 


More Training

For further guidance, please see the following training guidance from Microsoft.

Skype Training Centre

If you require any further help or would like to discuss skype requirements, please contact the IT helpdesk and we will advise and assist you in getting started.