Infrastructure Update

​​​​​​​Project completed - Closed

What did we do?

L&IS recently updated some of Cardiff Met's key technology infrastructure – our networks, storage, security and servers.  These upgrades took place in order to improve the capacity, reliability and performance of your data storage and our ability to restore your data, should the need arise. The upgrades also allowed our networks to better integrate with cloud services and provide additional services at the Cyncoed campus, to improve performance and deliver improvements in the event of a major incident.


Why did we do it?

Cardiff Met's storage and servers underpin all of Cardiff Met's IT services and are essential to their continued operation.

The existing facilities were upgraded because:

  • Some storage units were nearing 10 years old and were reaching the end of their lifecycle.
  • They had insufficient capacity to support the continued growth of the corporate services that support the University.
  • There were significant limitations to the disaster recovery possibilities should Llandaff experience a major incident such as, a fire or flood.


What does this mean to you?

The benefits of this work include:

  • Staff and students have see an improved performance of existing corporate systems.
  • More local services can be hosted at Cyncoed which will improve performance in areas such as Wi-Fi access.
  • The new infrastructure is suitably scalable to support the University for the next 5-7 years.
  • The new technologies are more efficient, sustainable and greener.
  • Improved the security of your data by keeping a copy that is near up-to-date at Cyncoed.
  • The ability to recover systems at Cyncoed should Llandaff experience a major incident.