wipe mobile device

​Wipe Staff Mobile Device

​If your device is lost and you have exhausted your options in locating it, the last resort is to use the Outlook Web App to remotely wipe it. A remote wipe sends a continuous signal to format the device and restore it to factory settings, preventing anyone who is in possession of it from accessing your data or, indeed, from using the device. Remote device wipe is available on all mobile devices that have a Cardiff Met email or calendar account configured.

If you require any assistance with these instructions, please contact the IT Helpdesk, or visit a Library or Technology Support Desk in your Learning Centre.

1. Navigate to your Cardiff Met email:


2. Go to the 'Options' drop down menu on the right-hand side.


3. Select 'See All Options'.


4. On the left-hand menu of the following screen, select 'Phone'.


5. Choose the device you wish to wipe from the main selection.


6. Click 'Wipe Device'.


7. If you are sure that you want the device wiped then click 'Yes' on the following popup.


8. If you subsequently find your device, remove the device from the list by clicking the 'Delete' X button (otherwise the device *WILL* be wiped)