Enrolling Device on Meraki

​Enrolling Device On Meraki

This document will walk you through connecting your Android or iOS devices to the Cisco Meraki Systems Manager MDM network.

​iOS Devices

To enrol:

1. From the device, open: m.meraki.com

2. Enter your Network ID: 056-807-7908

3. Press Register

4. In the profile that appears, press 'install', then 'install' again to confirm

To un-enroll:

1. On the device, open 'Settings'

2. Select 'General'

3. Select 'Profiles'

4. Select 'Meraki Management.                       

5. Click 'Remove', then 'Remove' again to confirm.


Alternatively, for easier enrollment, you can also use the SM iOS app.

Scan the following QR code using the SM iOS app:


​Android Devices

To enrol:

1. Download and install the Android App from the Google Play Store. You can use the following QR code to start the download:


2. Install the app to your mobile device.

3. From within the app, choose Enroll, and then either scan the QR code above (again) or use the code 056-807-7908 to enroll.

(Can't access the Google Play Store? Try downloading the App directly.)

​On-Device Web Enrollment

1. From the device, open: ​​m.meraki.com.

2. Enter the following code: 056-807-7908 and click Register to download the app.

3. Install the app to your mobile device.

4. Return to m.meraki.com, enter your code again, and click Register to enroll.

5. Choose Systems Manager when prompted.

 - (Alternatively, open the app and choose Enroll to enter your code there, or scan the QR code listed above.)