Additional Mailboxes

Additional Mailboxes

This Guide enables you to add an additional mailbox to your Outlook profile. You may require this if you need access to shared mailboxes. If you require any assistance, pelase contact the It Helpdesk or visit the Technology Support Desk in your Learning Centre.


NB: You can only add mailboxes that you have permission to read. Check with the IT Helpdesk if you are unable to access a specific mailbox.

1. Open Outlook as usual.

2. In Outlook click File > Account settings > Account Settings...


 2. Click on the Change button

3. Click More settings

4. Click the Advanced tab > Add

5. Type in the name of the mailbox. You do not need to type the entire mailbox name, try one or two words, Outlook will then attempt to find the best match.


6. Choose a mailbox from the list (if applicable) then click OK, Next and Finish to return to Outlook.