1. Go to the Cardiff Met MATLAB Portal at and select Sign in to get started


2. Sign in with your Cardiff Met student username (make sure to insert campus\st12345678) and password (as shown below)

matlab 2.png

3. Create a Mathworks Account

matlab 3.png

4. Complete the account information screen and click Create

matlab 4.png

5. A verification email will be sent providing access to your Mathworks account

matlab 5.png

6. If the downloads page is not displayed when accessing your account, you can access it at downloads/select release and then select a version to download

matlab 6.png

7. Select the installer for your platform, download and run it

matlab 7.png

8. Select Log in with a MathWorks Account for the installation method

matlab 8.png

9. Accept the licence aggreement and click Next

matlab 9.png

10. Use the MathWorks email address and password you created in step4

matlab 10.png

11. Check that Individual licence label is selected and click Next

matlab 11.png

12. Choose your install location and click Next

matlab 12.png

13. Select the products you want to install and click Next

matlab 13.png

14. Click Next on the installation options screen

matlab 14.png

15. Click Install on the confirmation screen

matlab 15.png

16. Note where to access the product Add-ons and click Next

matlab 16.png

17. At the Installation Complete screen, check that Activate MATLAB is selected and click Next

matlab 17.png

18. Click Next to activate MATLAB

matlab 18.png

19. Check the computer username and click Next

matlab 19.png

20. Click Confirm at the confirmation screen

matlab 20.png

21. Click Finish. The software should be installed and ready to use

matlab 21.png