2 week laptop loan

Off Campus 2 Week Laptop Loan

Loaning a Cardiff Met Laptop

You are able to loan a laptop from the Technology Support Desk (Llandaff and Cyncoed campus).

Bring your student ID card to the desk and request to borrow a laptop. You will need to fill some paperwork and will then be issued with a laptop. 

​Logging On

1. Once you have loaned a laptop, you should receive an email from us shortly containing a logon instruction.

2. After the laptop has started up, press any key to get to the logon screen:


NOTE: The first time you logon to the laptop the screen will go black as your settings etc are configured. You  will then see several messages telling you the laptop is being setup.

Logging Off/ Shutting Down

To shutdown/ log-off the laptop you will need to right-click on the Windows Start button at the bottom left hand corner of the display. Then select Shut down or sign out.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q - Can I connect to the wireless network?
A - Yes, follow below steps:

1. Double click on the Connect to Eduroam icon on your desktop:


2. Click Next.
3. Click OK on the eduroam installer for Cardiff Met Uni.
4. Enter your Student details in this format st12345678@cardiffmet.ac.uk (use your own number )
5. Enter and repeat your password. 
6. Click Install.

Note: When you see the Installation Complete message the laptop has joined the eduroam wireless network. More Info: http://wifi.cardiffmet.ac.uk

Q - Can I connect to my wireless network, at home or work?
A - Yes, follow the instructions for that network.

Q - I need to install software for my Wi-Fi, can I?
A - Yes, the student account has administrative rights so software can be installed.

My Files and Folders

Q - Can I store my work on the laptop’s hard drive?
A - Yes, but . . . 

The laptop is wiped when it is returned so all programs and personal data will be removed.
Ensure you have backed up your data to pen drive/ email/ My Site before returning the laptop.


Q - What software is installed on the laptop?
A - Non-definitive list: Microsoft Office 2016, Endnote X7, Project 2016, SPSS v22 and NVivo 10.

Q - How do I access the software?
A - Click the Start -> All Apps


Note: You can also hit the Windows key on the keyboard and start typing to search for programs (and files and folders). Office etc can also be accessed through the start menu.

Q - Can I install my own software?
A - Yes, the student account has administrative privileges, so you may install your own software. Be judicious with the software you install. No support will be provided for non-Cardiff Met software.

Q - Will any software I install remain on the laptop after I return it?
A - No, the laptop is wiped when it is returned so all programs and personal data will be removed.

If you have any personal data, remember to back it up before you return the laptop.


Q - Can I install my own hardware on the laptop?
A - You may install hardware that connects via USB (such as printers or scanners) or other standard external connectors.

Q - Does the laptop come with any peripherals?
A - No, the only peripheral loaned with the laptop is the power cable. However, you may request to borrow a mouse at the time of the loan.

Q - Can I print to Cardiff Met printers?
A - Yes, you are able to send print jobs to Learning Centre printers.  Click here to access the guide showing you how.

Laptop Loan Rules

Q - What rules govern the use of loan laptops?
A - The rules of borrowing a loan laptop are given in the Laptop Loan Agreement that is signed when a laptop is borrowed.  You can find a copy on the desktop screen of your laptop. View Laptop Loan Agreement