Ipad Remote access

​Remote Access Using iPad

Registering for Service

Prior to using the Desktop Service you must first register. Please do this by visiting the registration page at http://tsr.uwic.ac.uk/remote/Pages/accessrequest.aspx. As part of this you must read Keeping I.T Safe and ensure the advice provided is adhered to.


1. Download Microsoft Remote Desktop Application from the App Store


2. Launch the Remote Desktop app

3. Select icon


4. Add PC or Server


5. Select PC Name, type vmliverds2


6. Select User Name, Add User Account, type your username and password


7. Select SettingsFriendly Name type Cardiff Met Remote


8. Select GatewayAdd Remote Desktop GatewayServer Name, type desktopgw.cardiffmet.ac.uk


9. Select User Name, select your user IDSave 

10. Select Cardiff met remote


11. Enter your credentials and turn on Store user name and password


12. You will now connect to a remote session