Housekeeping & Archiving

Housekeeping & Archiving

Email Housekeeping

1. To find out your current Quota Usage; click File and your mailbox usage will be visible under Mailbox Clean-up.


2. Emails with large attachments affect your quota the most. Search Folders can be used to quickly locate large emails. Right click on the Search Folders folder in your mailbox, then click New Search Folder.

3. Scroll down and choose Large mail:

4. Adjust the size, if desired, then click OK.

5. The search folder will appear and show all large emails. Delete the ones you don't need or save them to Sharepoint.

Housekeeping Tips

  • Empty the Deleted Items folder regularly.
  • Check the junk E-mail folder and empty regularly.
  • Manage email as you go; delete junk emails, jokes and frivolous messages as they come in.
  • Manage your Sent Items folder. Do you need to keep everything you send?
  • Link rather than attach. Store documents on a Sharepoint team site and encourage your colleagues to do the same, then send a link to the document instead of attaching the file.
  • Save messages with large attachments to SharePoint. Open the message, click File; Save As then select your SharePoint My Site. Remember to delete the original message.

Email Archiving

​Emails should remain in your mailbox, saved to sharepoint or deleted when possible. It is recommended that you follow the guide on Email Housekeeping before considering archiving email.

Email archiving is not recommended; this is because the Outlook Date File (Also known as a PST file) resides on your local computer. These files are not backed up and do not offer any security should the computer be lost or stolen.

If you do use a PST file we recommend saving the PST within an encrypted container. More information is available in 5 minute guides.

1. Choose Home on the Ribbon; then click New Items > More Items > Outlook Data file.


2. Give the data file a name and click OK.

3. The file appears beneath your mailbox:

4. You can now create folders within the Data File as you would do with your mailbox.

5. Drag and drop or move emails that you would like to be archived in to the data file: