Meetings guidance

Breakout Rooms

Use breakout rooms to break students into small groups during class meetings. You can open and close rooms more than once during a session or move participants between rooms. Only meeting organizers can create and manage Breakout Rooms

Schedule a meeting or Meet now

1. Select Calendar, then choose either Meet Now or + New Meeting

new meeting.png

2. Add required attendees or select a Teams channel to meet in.

new meeting 2.png

Create breakout rooms

1. Join your meeting at the scheduled time and wait for your attendees to join. Your meeting will open in it's own window.

2. When your attendees have joined and you are ready, select Breakout rooms from meeting controls.

breakout room.png

3. Choose how many rooms you'd like to create from the dropdown.

breakout room 2.png

4. Select whether you'd like Teams to assign participants to rooms Automatically or Manually if you'd prefer to assign participants to rooms yourself.

5. Select Create Rooms.

Assign participants to rooms

If you chose Automatically, participants will already be assigned to defferent breakout rooms.

To manually add participants to rooms:

1. Expand the list under Assign participants.

breakout room 3.png

2. Hover over attendees names until checkboxes appear. Select attendees checkboxes.

3. Select More options and choose a room from the list.

4. Repeat this process until all participants have been assigned to rooms.

5. To view the participants assigned to a Breakout room, expand the arrow next to the room's name.

Rename Rooms

Name your room to reflect small participant groups or projects.

1. Select More options ... , then Rename room.

breakout room 4.png

2. Type in the new name and select Rename room.

Start breakout rooms

To start rooms individually, select More options ... next to the room, then Open room.

start breakout room.png

To start all rooms together, select Open rooms.

start breakout rooms.png

The status will change to Open when the rooms successfully opened.

room status.png

Join a breakout room

1. Select More Options ... next to the room, then Join room.

2. Select Return when you're ready to leave the Breakout Room and return to the main meeting.

Send an announcement to breakout rooms

You may want to send announcements to give time updates, for example, or share discussion prompts.

1. Select More Options ... at the top of the Breakout rooms pane and thn select Make an announcement.

breakout room 5.png

2. Type your announcement and click Send.

Participants will receive a notification in their meeting chat to check for your announcement.

Reassign participants

Move participants to different breakout rooms individually. (Currently, you can only move participants when breakout rooms are closed.)

1. Expand the list of participants under a Breakout room.

2. Hover over a participant's name and select the checkbox that appears.

breakout room 6.png

3.Select More options ... and then the Breakout room you'd like to move the participant to.

Chat with participants in a breakout room

Each breakout room has it's own chat. Participants can access it from chats list and from ChatOpen chat button like regular meetings.

Participants will only be added to a breakout room chat when you start the room. They will be removed when the room is closed. Chat history and files shared can still be viewed after room closure.

Add or delete a breakout room

To add an additional breakout room:

Select Add room. Name the room and confirm. Add partipants to the room using above instructions.

add room.png

To delete a breakout room:

Click More options ... next to the room, then Delete room.

Close breakout rooms

To close rooms individually:

Select More options ... next to the room, then Close room.

To close rooms all at once:

Select Close rooms.

close rooms.png

Status will change to Closed when rooms are successfully closed.

Select Resume when everyone is back from their breakout rooms and you are ready to meet as a larger group again.