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Classic Stream Video Permissions

This guidance refers to classic Stream, which is being phased out on 10th July 2022.

Permissions on your Stream Videos

Videos that you are sharing on Stream that have permission set to 'Allow everyone in your company to view your video' can be viewed by all staff and students in Cardiff Met. 

If you would like to restrict your audience, please follow the steps below.

Checking permissions on a video

1. Login to Navigate to Stream by clicking on the grid in the top left and selecting Stream.

Stream permissions.png

2. Click My content and then select Videos.

Stream permissions1.png

If your videos have a yellow icon to the right (containing a person with a restricted sign), it means they are restricted to a limited audience; this will be either the invitees to the meeting, or the Team members who have access to the channel where the meeting was hosted.

If you see a green icon (showing two people), it means the video is company wide and can be viewed by anyone at the University, staff or student.

Stream permissions2.png

Changing the permissions on a video

1. Click My content and then select Videos.

Stream permissions1.png

2. To the right of the video you want to share or restrict, click the pen icon to ‘update video details’.

Stream permissions3.png

3. Under the Permissions column in the centre, tick or untick the box to ‘Allow everyone in your company to view this video’ according to your preference. (Warning: Be cautious about allowing everyone to view the video, think about whether you really want the video to be seen by everyone in Cardiff Met)

Stream permissions4.png

4. To give permission to specific people, untick the ‘Allow everyone…’ box and change the ‘Share with’ drop-down option to ‘People’ and look them up.  Add the people you want to share the video with.  Make them an owner of the video if you wish by ticking the box next to their name.

Stream permissions5.png

5. To share a link to the video with those granted permission, click ‘Share’ in the right column.  Click ‘Apply’ at the top to save your changes.

Stream permissions6.png

6. This allows you to copy a link that can be shared with those who already have permission to view.  Those who do not have permission, will not be able to view it, even if you send the link to them.

Stream permissions7.png

Permissions for Teams meeting recordings

Recordings for meetings held in a Teams channel will be accessible to all members of the team.

Channel meeting.png

Private meetings - meetings not held in a Teams channel (such as those scheduled through Outlook) will be accessible to those invited to the meeting.

Private meeting.png

For student teaching, it is best practice to schedule meetings within a Teams channel to ensure the cohort has access.