Introducing OneDrive 

Stream on SharePoint

What is Microsoft Stream?

Microsoft Stream is a video hosting and sharing service that is part of the Office 365 ecosystem and is available to all Cardiff Met staff and students.

Stream hosts Teams meeting recordings, which are automatically uploaded once recordings conclude. Videos can also be uploaded to Stream manually.

What is 'Stream on SharePoint'?

'Stream on SharePoint' is the new version of Stream that was introduced to Cardiff Met in May 2022. As the name suggests, videos stored on 'Stream on SharePoint' are stored on SharePoint team sites, which offer improved video sharing and integration with other Office 365 products.

You can access ‘Stream on SharePoint’ at

When will 'Stream on SharePoint' take effect?

From 10th July 2022 all videos (including Teams meeting recordings) that would have been automatically uploaded to 'Classic Stream' will be uploaded to the new 'Stream on SharePoint' service instead.

Prior to that, at some point from the middle of May onwards, when uploading a video manually you will be presented with a screen that allows you to choose whether to use 'Stream on SharePoint' or 'Classic Stream'.

Upload to Stream on SharePoint option

How to access Teams meeting recordings

There are several ways to access Teams meeting recordings.

1. The 'Stream on SharePoint' homepage

On visiting you will be presented with videos stored on 'Stream on SharePoint' that you have access to. Recommendations appear at the top, below which is filterable list of videos.

Stream homepage.PNG

2. In the conversation or chat

Meeting recordings will appear in the conversation or chat, as they did with Classic Stream.

video link in conversation.png

3. Through the Files area of a channel

Teams meeting recordings can also be accessed through the Files area of a channel (for Teams channel meetings).

Files area of a channel.PNG

4. Through OneDrive or SharePoint

Private meeting recordings (those not scheduled in a team) will appear in a Recordings folder in the meeting organiser's OneDrive storage.

Recordings of meetings held in a channel in a team are stored in the corresponding folder in the Documents library for that team's SharePoint team site.

Teams meeting in the corresponding folder.PNG
This meeting was held in the 'MOS PowerPoint' channel in the Digital Skills team, so the recording appears in the MOS PowerPoint folder in the Documents library for the Digital Skills team.

Remember, OneDrive and SharePoint can both be accessed through the app launcher in the top left of
App launcher on Office portal.PNG

Who are meeting recordings shared with? And where are they stored?

Recordings of meetings held in a Teams channel will be accessible to all members of the team. They are stored on the SharePoint team site for that team.

Private meetings - meetings not held in a Teams channel (such as those scheduled through Outlook) - will be accessible to those invited to the meeting. These recordings are stored in the OneDrive of the organiser of the meeting

Learn more about the different types of Teams meetings.

Sharing a video more widely

As videos are now stored on SharePoint Online or OneDrive, the sharing process is the same as sharing other files stored on those platforms. First, navigate to the file (see the section above) select the file then click Share.

From the sharing dialogue, click the permissions box to select who the video is shared with.

change permissions.PNG

Important: Ensure you select an appropriate level of access.

  • Anyone with the link - which means if the link gets forwarded on, anyone who receives that link can access it
  • People in Cardiff Met with the link 
  • People with existing access
  • Specific people - this is the most secure sharing option, as you decide exactly who has access

To change or revoke sharing, use the Manage Access option, available under the ellipsis (...)

manage access.PNG

For more information, refer to the Share OneDrive files and folders guidance from Microsoft.

"Moving" a video from Stream Classic to Stream on SharePoint

Take a look at our Moving a Video from Classic Stream to Stream on SharePoint guide for details of how to download your videos from 'Classic Stream' and upload them to 'Stream on SharePoint'.

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