Recording Own Presentation Using Teams

Recording your presentation

Open your PowerPoint presentation

Open Teams, go to your calendar and click on Meet Now

Change the meeting name to your presentation title and click Start meeting


Click Join now


Close the window asking you to invite others


Click More then select Start recording

You are now recording. Click on Share, then Window and then select your PowerPoint presentation that you have already opened



Your presentation will now open. Press F5 on your keyboard to fill your screen (There will be a black box notifying that you are recording in Teams. This will not appear on the recording)


Move your mouse cursor off the screen. You can use Arrow keys on your keyboard to move through the presentation. You can start speaking over your presentation now (everything before this can be trimmed when you are finished recording.)

The start and end of the recording can be trimmed, the rest of the recording cannot be edited. If you make a small mistake, just keep on going. If you make a major mistake, just go back to the first slide and start again. You do not need to stop the recording, you can just trim this out

When you get to the final slide and press the arrow key to move on, PowerPoint will come out of full screen mode. Therfore, make sure you finish speaking while on the last slide. Everything recorded after this point will be trimmed out

After leaving full screen mode, click the black box which says Call is in progress. Click here to go back to the call screen to return to Teams


In Teams click More and then select Stop recording


Hang up the call


Once the call has ended an email with a link to your recording will be automatically sent to you. It may take some time, depending on the length of the presentation. 

Students will be presented with a link to download the .mp4 of the recording, which can then be uploaded to their OneDrive (Please see Flash Guide on Uploading files to OneDrive).

Click on Go to your video now and you will be taken to your video in Microsoft Stream.


Trimming your presentation

Click the ... beneath the video and select Trim video


Adjust the Start point bar on the left side of the timeline to trim the video start position. Drag the End point bar on the right to trim the video end position.

Click Apply and then Apply again to confirm permanently deleting trimmed video.



You will return to your video. A message will appear at the top of the screen telling you that the video is being trimmed and will be updated soon.