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Formatting Notes In OneNote

Format your notes to get them looking just the way you want them.

Format notes

Select the text you would like formatted. From the Home tab, select the required formatting like font, font size, Bold, Italic, or Underline.

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Highlight text

Select text you would like highlighted. Click Highlight icon and select a colour.

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Create lists

Select Bullets or Numbering to create a list.

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Indent text

Select Increase Indent to indent text.


Align notes

Select Pargraph Formatting to align notes left, center, or right.

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Add tags

Add tags like Important, Question or Idea to your notes to catergorize them.

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Apply styles

Select Styles to apply a Heading, Page Title, Citation or Quote to your notes.


Clear formatting

Select Clear All Formatting to clear all text formatting.

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Insert Link

Type the address you want into your page to automatically create a link, or select text you would like to hyperlink, then Insert > Link.

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Format notes video from Microsoft