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Create A Notebook

OneNote is a digital notebook that automatically saves and syncs your notes as you work.

Open OneNote

You can access OneNote through the Office Portal

Open onenote through portal

Or you may have the OneNote desktop app installed on your PC.

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Creating a new notebook

Through portal using OneNote online

Click +New notebook.

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Give the notebook a name and click Create.

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Press Enter or click on message to create a new section.

Enter a section name and click OK.

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Click and type a note page heading.

Click anywhere on the page beneath the heading and type a note.

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Using desktop application

Click New, select OneDrive, then click Browse or select Documents folder.

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Give the notebook a name and click Create.

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Click Not now to message about sharing (you can share the notebook after creation).

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Double click the Tab to rename the note section.

Type a page heading.

Click +Add Page to add another note page in this section.

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