Introducing OneDrive

Sharing Files & Folders

When you use Microsoft Office 365 and save your files to OneDrive or SharePoint, sharing your files is the same wherever or however you work.

Sharing a file or folder

1. With a file open, or a file or folder selected, select Share.



2. If you are working on your desktop and the file hasn’t been saved to OneDrive or SharePoint, select a location you want to upload your file.




3. Select the down arrow to choose permissions for the link you will be sharing. 


Options include:

  • Anyone with the link (which means if the link gets forwarded on, anyone who recieves that link can access it)

  • People in Cardiff Met with the link 

  • People with existing access

  • Specific people (This is the most secure sharing option, as you decide exactly who has access)




4. Tick Allow Editing if you wish the person you sharing with to be able to edit the document.

5. Select Apply to save the permissions.



6. Enter the name or email address of people you want to share with.



7. Type a message.



8. Select Send.



Or you can select Copy Link and send the link in an email or add it to a file.


Share files & folders video from Microsoft