Introducing OneDrive

Searching OneDrive & Sharepoint

​OneDrive uses the capabilities of the Office365 search engine when finding data. You can search for data contained in files as well as file names.

Type your search term in the search box at the top of your OneDrive screen. (The more keywords included, the better the search results)

Click the down arrow to change your search scope. 

My files will search only your OneDrive files.

All files searches your OneDrive and SharePoint files.

Whole organization will search  sites that you can see. It will search sites (i.e. Teams) you are a member of and the staff/student portal.


Click Show more results.


You can filter your search results by clicking on the Filters icon.


Now you are able to narrow down search results by when the files were last modified, as well as selecting what file type(s) you want to see. You can also specify the person who created the document.