Introducing OneDrive 

Moving a Video from Classic Stream to Stream on SharePoint

To transfer a video from Classic Stream to Stream on Sharepoint you must first download the video from Stream.

Download from Classic Stream

Go to the video you wish to transfer. Click on the ellipses ... and select Download video.

(You must have uploaded the video or be Owner)

move stream 1.png

The video will now download to your Downloads folder.

Upload to Stream on Sharepoint through Microsoft Teams

Go to the Channel in Microsoft Teams that you wish to share the video with. (Note: everybody in the team will be able to view the video)

From the Files tab, select Upload and Files

move stream 2.png

Browse to the video and click OK.

Upload to OneDrive

Files stored on OneDrive are not shared with anyone else. You may want to save them to OneDrive for now, then upload to SharePoint at a later date.

Within OneDrive online, click Upload, then Files.

upload files 1.png

Select the videos you want to upload and click Open. (Note: You can also upload files by opening File Explorer, selecting the files you want to upload, and dragging them to OneDrive.)

upload files 2.png

Your video will now upload to OneDrive.