Manage Meetings

​Manage Meetings

View, schedule, and manage appointments and meetings in Microsoft Teams to keep your team on track.


View meetings

In Teams, select Calendar to view your appointments and meetings for the day or work week.

These appointments stay synchronized with your Outlook calendar.

Select a meeting invite to see what the meeting's about, who's attending, and to respond to the meeting.

Types of Teams meetings

There are two types of Teams meetings: channel meetings and private meetings.

Channel meetings are held in a channel in a team, they are available to everyone in the team to join. These meetings can only be scheduled through the Teams software. Recordings of these meetings are available to the entire team.

Private meetings are not held in a channel in a team, only those who get invited to these meetings can join them. These meetings can be scheduled through Teams or Outlook. Recordings of private meetings are only available to those who are invited to the meeting.

Scheduling a channel meeting

To schedule a meeting in a channel click on the Teams tab then choose the team and channel you would like to hold the meeting in.

select channel.PNG

Use the Meet > Schedule a meeting option in the top right of the channel:

schedule meeting in channel.PNG

Schedule the meeting as usual (title, time etc.), but notice the channel box has the name of the channel populated.

schedule channel meeting.PNG

Scheduling a private meeting

Private meetings can be scheduled in Outlook through the New Teams Meeting button on the Home tab.

New Teams Meeting button in Outlook

They can also be scheduled through New Meeting button in the Calendar section of Teams. To keep it private, leave the channel blank.

private meeting settings.PNG

More information

For more information, refer to the Microsoft article Schedule a meeting in Teams.