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Connecting To Your Work PC From Outside Cardiff Met with Secure Authentication


This guide will help you to connect to your work PC in Cardiff Met using a secure Remote Desktop solution with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). This will allow you to securely access approved resources as if you were working on site at Cardiff Met, which otherwise would be inaccessible from the public internet. 


First please make sure you have read the guide, Password Guidelines for RDS and VPN and How to Change your Default MFA Authentication Method. Once you have read and confirmed you are meeting the requirements then please proceed to the next steps. 

Remote Desktop Solution (RDS) MFA requirements

The secure RDS requires MFA, however, the RDS software itself will NOT notify you that MFA approval is required, as soon as you click connect, you will need to have your mobile phone ready to approve an MFA prompt (in the same way you access Office 365 services).

We recommend having the authentication application (Microsoft Authenticator app) open in readiness for this step, as it can make receiving the MFA prompt quicker.

If you haven’t done so already, you will first need to request access by completing the Remote Desktop Access Request Form.

You will also need to know the Equipment Number of your PC, which is a bar coded sticker on the base unit/laptop (e.g. A12345). 

Your PC must be on.

When you finish the session, click the X on the top bar of the session - DO NOT SHUTDOWN Otherwise, you will not be able to connect to it the next time.

If you do not have a computer connected to the network on site, refer to the Connecting to the Generic Cardiff Met Desktop with Secure Authentication guide. 


Go to:

Type campus\your username and then your password

Select This is a Public computer

Click Sign in


Type the Asset number (e.g A12345) of your Cardiff Met PC and then click Connect:


Click Connect on the following screen:


Type your credentials as follows and click OK:


If you get the following message, click Yes:



IMPORTANT: it is at this point you will be prompted on your chosen mobile device for MFA Authentication. Please open the authenticator application and click approve. 
You will then connect to your Cardiff Met PC:


To disconnect from your PC, click on the X on the top bar of the Remote Desktop screen.

DO NOT shut down your PC or you will not be able to connect to it again!

If you encounter any issues following this guidance or have any questions regarding the software and methods mentioned in this guide, please do not hesitate to contact the IT helpdesk