Introducing OneDrive

Using Find A PC On A Chromebook

​This service allows Cardiff Met students to remotely connect to a PC on campus, in order to access a variety of course related software and resources.

1. Open the Play store and install remote desktop client 8 by Microsoft.

2. Go to and login with your Cardiff Met credentials.

find a pc 1.png

 3. Click on the Remote Access Pool, then choose an available PC from the list - Click on Connect.

find a pc 3.png

 4. Click Download to download a connection file to your browser.

find a pc 4.png

5. Click on Show in Folder to open your downloads folder.


6. Click on the connect.rdp file  (There may be more than one if you have used the service before.  Click on the newest one.)

Click the Open Button, and select RD Client


7. If you see any prompts asking for permissions, then select to Allow.


8. Enter your Username and Password. Please note, you do not add to your username in this case.

Click Connect.


9. Click Connect at the certificate warning.


You should now be connected to a Cardiff Met computer. You can use most software as if you were on campus.