Introducing OneDrive

Find A PC Remote Access For Students

​This service allows Cardiff Met students to remotely connect to a PC on campus, in order to access a variety of course related software and resources.

The service is available Monday - Friday between 06:00 and 22:00 each day – a warning will appear at 21:45 providing a 15-minute warning of closure of the service for that day.

Below you will find a step by step video guide for connecting using the service. 

There is also a text guide beneath the video guide.

If you are using a Chromebook, please click here for instruction.

Using the Find a PC service (Video instruction)

Step by step connection instruction

1. Visit and login with your student number and password.

find a pc 1.png

Connecting from a Microsoft Windows computer

You should already have the necessary client software to enable you to start using this service.

2. Select the Remote Access Pool link to continue.

find a pc 2.png

Connecting from an Apple MacOS computer

If you do not already have Remote Desktop Protocol software installed then you should install the Microsoft Remote Desktop app.

find a pc mac app.png

2. Select the Remote Access Pool link to continue.

find a pc 2.png

3. This will bring up a list of free PCs that are available. Click on any Connect link to get connected to a PC.

find a pc 3.png

4. Click Download to download a connection file to your browser.

find a pc 4.png

5. Once dowloaded, Open the connection file.

find a pc 5.png

6.  Click Connect.

find a pc 6.png

7. Enter campus\youruserid and your password. Click OK.

find a pc 7.png

Please note that some software vendors do not licence their software for use in remote sessions e.g. Adobe Creative Cloud.

The service is available between 6am -10pm. 

Inactive sessions will be auto-logged out after 1 hour.

8. Click OK to continue.

find a pc 8.png

9. Logon will then proceed as if you were on campus.

find a pc 9.png

Your standard student desktop should now appear. Please read any desktop notifications.

find a pc 10.png

All connections will be stopped at 10pm, a warning message will appear from 9:45pm.

When you have finished with the remote connection, click the Logoff from this PC icon on the desktop. This will sign you out and disconnect you from the PC.

find a pc 11.png