Divert calls to mobile

​Divert Calls To Mobile

Open the Mitel Connect client from your desktop


First Time Use

The following screen will appear:

mitel start.jpg

1) Click Show advanced

2) Tick Use Windows Credentials

3) Type telman01 in server box, if not already populated

4) Tick Remember me

5) Click Log In

This screen should not appear again.


Call Routing

 Click the drop down next to Connect then click Settings


Select Call Routing, make sure When is set to Available then select Start Wizard



1. Tick the box for Also simultaneously ring the following numbers

2. Click the Radio button

3. Add a Label

4. Add your number prefixed with 9 e.g 9077xxxxxxxx 

5. Ensure Automatically connet is selected and not Press 1 to connect

6. Click Use Selected Number

7. Click Next

8. Save


You can now close the settings window and your settings will be saved