Connecting To Your Work PC From Outside Cardiff Met

​Connecting To Your Work PC From Outside Cardiff Met


Follow this guide to connect remotely to your desktop PC/laptop in Cardiff Met. You need to know the Equipment Number of your PC which is a bar coded sticker on the base unit/laptop (e.g. A12345)

Your PC must be on, logged in and locked. 

When you finish the session,  click the X on the top bar of the session - DO NOT SHUTDOWN OR LOG OFF.

If you do not have a computer connected to the network on site, click here.



Using Internet Explorer (other browsers will not work) go to

Type campus\your username and then your password

Select This is a private computer

Click Sign in


Click on Connect to a remote PC:



Type the Asset number (e.g A12345) of your Cardiff Met PC and then click Connect:


Click Connect on the following screen:


Type your credentials as follows and click OK:


If you get the following message click Yes:


You will then connect to your Cardiff Met PC:


To disconnect from your PC click on the X on the top bar of the Remote Desktop screen.

DO NOT shut down your PC or you will not be able to connect to it again!