Managing Documents with OneDrive and SharePoint

Managing Documents with OneDrive and SharePoint explores how students and staff can use OneDrive and SharePoint Online to store, manage and collaborate on documents effectively. Successful completion of the course leads to the SharePoint Document Manager digital badge and certificate.

The course looks at how to access and save your documents, search for files, collaborate on documents through real-time co-authoring and version history and how to share files securely.


The course consists of three mandatory training sessions and an assessment. Estimated learning time: 5–6 hours.

The mandatory sessions are:

  • Managing Documents at Cardiff Met
  • Working with Documents
  • Collaborating on Documents

The course runs three times a year: in the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms.

Sign-up for one of each session below:

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The sessions will be held through a Microsoft Teams meeting. A link (URL) to the meeting and joining instructions will be sent after booking on a session.

Target Audience

Cardiff Met students and staff


​There are no formal prerequisites for the course, but you should have a familiarity with using Windows, Office and a web browser.

Course has been very useful - definitely feel more confident using Sharepoint, and look forward to applying what I have learnt.

Course Structure

The course consists of three mandatory training sessions and an assessment.

Session 1: Managing Documents at Cardiff Met

This session explores how to access documents stored on OneDrive and SharePoint, and how to save to them in a range of ways. In addition, you will learn when to use OneDrive and when to use SharePoint and steps you should take to ensure you save and share documents securely.

Session 2: Working with Documents

In this session you will learn how to manipulate documents - e.g. copy, move, rename, delete (and recover) - through OneDrive and SharePoint. You will learn more about SharePoint Online and how to search for documents efficiently.

Session 3: Collaborating on Documents

This session focuses on working on documents with others. You will learn how to co-author a document and use version history to restore a document. You will learn more about accessing documents through Teams and how to share documents with others.


The assessment for the course is a series of common document management tasks to perform in realistic scenarios.

Estimated amount of learning time:

  • Teaching sessions: 3 hours
  • Practical assessment: 1 - 2 hours
For a total of between 4 - 5 hours.

Digital Badge Certification

The SharePoint Document Manager badge

Successful completion of the full course leads to the SharePoint Document Manager digital badge and certificate.

The digital badge is issued by Cardiff Metropolitan University through the Credly platform.

To complete the course and gain the digital badge, learners are required to complete the mandatory training sessions and pass an assessment. The assessment requires that learners demonstrate their document management skills by completing realistic tasks in common scenarios.

Earners of the digital badge are able to effectively store, manage and collaborate on documents stored on SharePoint and OneDrive. They are able to access and save files in a variety of ways, search efficiently and manipulate documents as needed (e.g. move/copy). They are able to collaborate with colleagues using features such as real-time co-authoring and version history. They are able to share documents with others and recognise the importance of doing so securely.

Visit the Digital Badges at Cardiff Met page to find out more about our digital credentialing programme.

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Specific Learning Outcomes

​By the end of the course trainees should be able to:

Managing Documents at Cardiff Met
  • Explain where to save your Cardiff Met documents: OneDrive or SharePoint Online.
  • Access your OneDrive documents through a desktop computer, mobile phone and web app.
  • Save and upload documents to OneDrive through the web app, directly from office and via the "Sync Client".
  • Use version history to view and recover previous versions of a document.
  • Recognise the importance of securing your files and take steps to do so.

Working with Documents
  • Manipulate documents as needed, e.g. copy, move, rename, delete (and recover).
  • Search SharePoint and OneDrive efficiently.
  • Utilise SharePoint team sites to access, store and manage shared documents.

Collaborating on Documents
  • Access and share SharePoint Online files through Microsoft Teams.
  • Make use of collaboration features, such as real-time co-authoring, version history and check-in/out to work on documents with others.
  • Share documents securely with others.


Got a question?

See whether the Certification FAQs page answers it, or find out more about more about Digital Badges at Cardiff Met.  If you still have questions, get in touch with the IT Training team via email.