Tools for Teaching

​Cardiff Met has a variety of software - such as Microsoft Teams, Adapt Builder, Sway, Stream, Mentimeter and Forms - that can be used to deliver and enhance learning and teaching. This page identifies the training that is available to help you develop the skills and practices to use these tools effectively.decorative image showing a person in an online meeting

The sessions are aimed at Cardiff Met staff who teach, but may be useful to professional services staff and students.

Here's a quick description of each session, scroll down for the schedule and to sign-up.

  • Can-Do with Canva: Designing graphics by drag and drop! - Canva is a browser-based design tool packed with a variety of pre-built templates that are simple to use and let users build useful documents such as slideshows, infographics, video and social media posts with ease. This session will look at some of the templates and options available that will allow you to build promotional or instructional material for your courses or departments!
  • Creating Online Quizzes - explores how online quizzes can be used as a quick and efficient way to check if students are engaging with online content and understand key concepts. You will learn how to create online quizzes using Mentimeter, Moodle and Microsoft Forms. Additionally, we will compare all three tools and outline the strengths and weaknesses of each, determining which tool to use and when.
  • Engaging E-lessons with Adapt Builder - Adapt Builder can be used to create engaging, modern e-lessons that look as good on desktop PCs as they do on mobile devices. This two-session course not only examines Adapt Builder fundamentals but also introduces some basic instructional design principles that together can be used to create exciting and effective e-learning.
  • Microsoft Sway: Using Sway as a teaching aid - looks at the facilities Sway provides as a teaching tool. The session covers how to access MS Sway, utilise its various tools, and demonstrates how to set-up a brief Sway presentation. 

    Additionally, we will also compare Sway to Adapt Builder, and outline the strengths and weaknesses of each, determining when it is best to use Sway or Adapt Builder for presentations and e-lessons.

  • Teams for Teaching - two Microsoft Teams sessions for teaching staff. See the Teams training page for a few more details.
    • Teams for Teaching: Managing Teams and Meetings - explores how to manage teams and meetings that are used for teaching and learning. You will learn how to create teams, join students to those teams and manage membership. You will learn how to schedule sessions, invite/alert students to those sessions and set appropriate meeting options. You will learn how to present content and manage participants in a meeting.
    • Teams for Teaching: Enhancing Teams Teaching - This masterclass session explores features and apps that can enhance the learning experience when teaching with Teams. You will learn about breakout rooms, Together mode (a virtual auditorium) and Focus mode. You will also learn how apps such as Forms (for quizzes and polls), and Microsoft Whiteboard can be used to complement the Teams teaching experience.
  • Video, Video, Video - explains the basics of how to record, store, edit and share video. We will compare the different video options in Microsoft Teams, Panopto, Stream and PowerPoint - which should help you decide what video technology options work best for your requirements.
  • Microsoft Educator Programmes - training and certification programmes that prove your digital skills and ability to deliver innovative teaching on a range of topics using the latest Microsoft tools. Learn more about the Microsoft Educator Programmes.

Schedule and sign-up

Sign-up for a session below:

Sign Up>>Microsoft Educator Programmes - Induction08/02/2023 14:0008/02/2023 15:00Online
Sign Up>>Teams for Teaching: Managing Teams and Meetings17/02/2023 10:0017/02/2023 11:00Online
Sign Up>>Teams for Teaching: Enhancing Teams Teaching24/02/2023 10:0024/02/2023 11:00Online

The sessions will be held through a Microsoft Teams meeting. A link (URL) to the meeting and joining instructions will be sent after booking on a session.

Video Recordings

Video recordings of the sessions will be available in the Digital Skills group on Stream.