IT Training for Students

​Library & Information Services are pleased to offer Cardiff Met students comprehensive Microsoft Office Specialist training courses and certification for free.

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) is a globally renowned Microsoft qualification programme that certifies expertise in Office software.  At Cardiff Met we have combined the MOS qualifications with bespoke training to offer high quality, relevant training that enables you to be more productive and, crucially, prove your digital skills to employers.

There are two MOS courses available to students in the Spring Term 2019:

  • MOS Excel LogoMicrosoft Office Specialist Excel - Learn how to analyse, manipulate and present data in Excel. The Excel 2016 Specialist course will give you the skills you need to master the principle features of Excel 2016 and then prove it through MOS certification. Find out more...
  • Microsoft Office Specialist PowerPoint - Learn not only the technical skills required to use PowerPoint productively, but also the design principles behind creating great presentations.  This comprehensive course explores the full range of PowerPoint features and will enable you to create slides to perfectly complement your presentations. Find out more...

Why should I become a Microsoft Office Specialist?

Gaining a MOS qualification will help you with your studies.  You will be more productive, confident and proficient in Office software (see evidence). Being proficient with the tools (Excel, PowerPoint) will enable you to focus your effort on the content of your assignments. 

Perhaps more importantly, being MOS certified allows you to stand-out to employers.  Employers see many CVs that include "I am proficient in Office software", yours will have an extra edge as it could read "I am proficient in Office, as exemplified by gaining a Microsoft Office Specialist qualification". 

Upon passing the MOS Excel exam you will receive:

  • a physical and digital certificate
  • a digital badge that can be used to share (e.g. on LinkedIn) and verify your achievement with employers
  • Microsoft Office Specialist is a verified Higher Education Achievement Report (replacement for academic transcript) activity that will appear in section 6.1 of the report; another means of proving to employers you have the skills you claim.


Sign-ups are now open on MetHubfor the Spring Term 2019 courses (sign-in with your Cardiff Met account). The courses and qualifications are free to Cardiff Met students, but places are limited. Use the course pages to sign-up: