Digital Skills Courses for Students

​Library & Information Services are pleased to offer Cardiff Met students a range of training courses that develop digital skills that are relevant to your studies and will prepare you for employment.

Successful completion of our Microsoft courses lead to qualifications in the form of Microsoft Office Specialist and Microsoft Technology Associate. Our Digital Badges at Cardiff Met range of courses lead to digital badges that can be added to your digital CVs (e.g. LinkedIn) to prove your skills to employers.

All of our training courses and qualifications are free to Cardiff Met students.


Digital Essentials: A digital skills induction (& re-induction) for students

The Digital Essentials induction explores the core digital skills students need to study at Cardiff Met. New Cardiff Met students should complete the induction to learn about the technologies and practices that will enable you to complete your studies remotely and in person.

Visit the Digital Essentials page to learn more about the induction process.

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) courses and qualifications

Our Microsoft Office Specialist family of courses develops and proves expertise in Office software. The courses provide comprehensive training on key features of Office and develop skills that you need not only for your studies, but also for employment. You will be able to prove those skills to employers by gaining a Microsoft Office Specialist qualification.

There are four specialist courses available to Cardiff Met students:

  • MOS Excel logo Microsoft Office Specialist Excel - Learn how to analyse, manipulate and present data in Excel. The course will give you the skills you need to master the principle features of Excel 2016. The course uses Cardiff Met specific examples and exercises, together with official courseware from Microsoft to provide comprehensive resources for learning Excel.

  • MOS Word logo Microsoft Office Specialist Word - Learn how to structure and organise your Word documents. The course will give you the skills you need to layout your work professionally, with a particular focus on academic documents. The course will give you the confidence to use the full-range of Word tools you need for your studies or role at Cardiff Met .

  • MOS PowerPoint logo Microsoft Office Specialist PowerPoint - Learn not only the technical skills required to use PowerPoint productively, but also the design principles behind creating great presentations.  This comprehensive course explores the full range of PowerPoint features and will enable you to create slides to perfectly complement your presentations.

  • MOS Outlook logo Microsoft Office Specialist Outlook - Learn how to process your email, calendar and to-do list more efficiently. The course examines useful, but underutilised tools, such as Flags and Tags, Quick Steps and Search Folders that can help you to be significantly more productive when using Outlook.

Take a look at our Microsoft Office Specialist page to find out more about the benefits of MOS.


Advanced Microsoft Office Specialist training and certification

Develop advanced Microsoft Office knowledge and skills and prove that through a Microsoft Office Specialist: Expert qualification.

MOS Excel Expert, MOS Word Expert and MOS Access Expert courses and qualifications are now available to Cardiff Met students and staff, for free.

Visit the Advanced Microsoft Office Specialist training and certification page to find out more and sign-up.

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA): Web Design Fundamentals course

MTA for HTML and CSS badge

The new MTA: Web Design Fundamentals course develops the skills you need to create, edit and style web pages. On completion of the course, you will be confident in the fundamentals of two key web technologies: HTML and CSS.

Whether you are looking to create your own website; perhaps a blog or a personal portfolio site, or if you are preparing yourself for employment by developing relevant digital capabilities, this course will give you the knowledge and skills you need. And you’ll have fun doing it!

The course leads to the Microsoft Technology Associate: Introduction to Programming Using HTML and CSS qualification. This official certification from Microsoft provides proof that you are proficient in the fundamentals of front-end web design, a valued skill.

Take a look at our Microsoft Technology Associate page to find out more about the benefits of MTA.

Microsoft Technology Associate - technical training and certification

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) qualifications are technical qualifications offered by Microsoft that prove your digital skills in a range of topics, including programming (Javascript, Python and Java), software development, database theory and practice, security, networking and Windows infrastructure.

In conjunction with our partners, we are able to offer Cardiff Met students and staff comprehensive LearnKey e-lessons and exams for each of the eleven MTA qualifications, for free.

Visit the Microsoft Technology Associate training and certification page to find out more and sign-up.

Digital Badges at Cardiff Met courses

Cardiff Met's digital credentialing programme provides recognition and evidence of skills and achievements through secure and verifiable digital badges.

Cardiff Met digital badges collage

Successfully completing a course and gaining a digital badge is proof to employers that you have developed the digital skills you claim. The current range of courses that lead to a Cardiff Met digital badge are:

Visit our Digital Badges at Cardiff Met page to find out more about the benefits of digital badges and how they work.

Study Support Software training

Decorative image

Study Support Training sessions help you make the most of some of the assistive software - such as ClaroRead, MindView and Learning Labs - that are available to Cardiff Met students and staff. The sessions available are:

  • MindView and ClaroRead training
  • Assistive features in Microsoft Office and Learning Labs
  • Daily Digital: MindView Tips - essay and presentation planning
  • Daily Digital: ClaroRead tips - proofreading

Digital Skills Moodle module and Microsoft Team

Digital Skills logo x1200.pngThe Digital Skills Moodle module contains training materials and resources to develop the digital capabilities that students need for their studies, research and future career, and that staff need for their role at Cardiff Met.

The Digital Skills Microsoft Team is used to host our training sessions and is a place for Cardiff Met students and staff to ask and answer questions that will help them build their digital capabilities.