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The current training schedule is posted below. The Sign Up>> buttons in the left column link to the course page on Learning Pool, use that page to enrol on the session.  Upon successful enrolment a course booking confirmation email will be sent to your Cardiff Met account, please ensure you receive this before attending the course. All courses are subject to the standard staff development cancellation fee policy

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Target Audience
Sign Up>>MOS Excel 201624/01/2018 09:30InductionStaffLlandaffT2.22b
Sign Up>>MOS Exam Session26/01/2018 09:30MOS CohortLlandaffT2.22b
Sign Up>>Managing Documents with SharePoint & OneDrive30/01/2018 09:30StaffLlandaffT2.22b
Sign Up>>MOS Excel 201631/01/2018 09:30Session 1StaffLlandaffT2.22b
Sign Up>>Essential IT - Induction01/02/2018 09:30New StaffLlandaffT2.22b
Sign Up>>Designing Surveys with Qualtrics06/02/2018 09:30Session IStaffLlandaffT2.22b
Sign Up>>Designing Surveys with Qualtrics07/02/2018 09:30Session IIStaffLlandaffT2.22b
Sign Up>>Business Objects: Introduction07/02/2018 13:15StaffLlandaffT2.22a
Sign Up>>MOS Workshop09/02/2018 09:30MOS CohortLlandaffT2.22b
Sign Up>>MOS Excel 201614/02/2018 09:30Session 2StaffLlandaffT2.22b
Sign Up>>Business Objects: Intermediate14/02/2018 13:15StaffLlandaffT2.22a
Sign Up>>Managing Documents with SharePoint & OneDrive15/02/2018 09:30StaffLlandaffT2.22b
Sign Up>>MOS Workshop23/02/2018 09:30MOS CohortLlandaffT2.22b
Sign Up>>MOS Excel 201628/02/2018 09:30Session 3StaffLlandaffT2.22b
Sign Up>>Business Objects: Introduction05/03/2018 13:15StaffLlandaffT2.22a
Sign Up>>MOS Workshop09/03/2018 09:30MOS CohortLlandaffT2.22b
Sign Up>>Business Objects: Intermediate12/03/2018 13:15StaffLlandaffT2.22a
Sign Up>>MOS Excel 201614/03/2018 09:30Session 4StaffLlandaffT2.22b
Sign Up>>MOS Workshop16/03/2018 09:30MOS CohortLlandaffT2.22b
Sign Up>>MOS Exam Session21/03/2018 09:30MOS CohortLlandaffT2.22b
Sign Up>>MOS Exam Session23/03/2018 09:30MOS CohortLlandaffT2.22b
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