Preparing Images with Photoshop - Intermediate

​This course builds upon the Foundation course, by exploring additional tools and techniques that can be used to enhance images.  Successful completion of the course leads to the Photoshop Image Editor - Intermediate digital badge and certificate.

Learn how to work with layers better: organise layers into groups, align and space them neatly, and apply effects through Layer Styles. Make better selections with layer masks and the Refine Edge tool and discover how to make advanced (and non-destructive) image adjustments with adjustment layers.


The course consists of two mandatory face-to-face training sessions, that are each 2-hours long and 2-4 hours of additional learning in the form a practical project assessment. Estimated learning time: 6–8 hours.

The course runs twice a year, in the Autumn and Spring terms.

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The sessions will be held through a Microsoft Teams meeting. A link (URL) to the meeting and joining instructions will be sent after booking on a session.

Target Audience

Cardiff Met students or staff.


​You should first complete the Foundation course and gain the Photoshop Image Editor - Foundation digital badge, or have equivalent knowledge.

You will need access to Photoshop to complete this course. Photoshop is available to all students when using the Learning Centre computers in person. It is also available on personal computers for students in Cardiff School of Art & Design and select courses from other schools. It is available to all staff on Cardiff Met and personal computers.

See the Adobe Creative Cloud - Student and Staff guides for installation instructions.


The course is free to Cardiff Met students and staff, but places are limited.

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This was an excellent course, I learned more than I thought I was going to, and am far more comfortable using Photoshop now.

Course Structure

The course is comprised of​ two mandatory training sessions, that are each 2-hours long and an additional 2-4 hours of learning in the form a practical project assessment.

The first session begins with a review of the topics introduced in the Foundation course, these concepts are then built upon throughout the session.  Tools to organise layers into groups, align and space them neatly are explored, Layer Styles are introduced as a way to apply effects to layers

The second session looks at how masks can be used to control transparency and make difficult selections, in conjunction with the Refine Edge tool. The session finishes by examining how Adjustment Layers such as Photo Filter and Hue/Saturation can be used to make non-destructive enhancements to your images.

The final component of the course is a practical project in which you will use the skills you have developed to create and enhance a promotional image.

Estimated amount of learning time:

  • Classroom teaching:
    • Session I - 2 hours
    • Session II - 2 hours
  • Practical project assessment: 2 - 4 hours

For a total of between 6 - 8 hours.

Digital Badge Certification

Photoshop Image Editor - Intermediate badge

Successful completion of the course leads to the Photoshop Image Editor - Intermediate digital badge and certificate.

The digital badge is issued by Cardiff Metropolitan University through the Acclaim platform.

To complete the course and gain the digital badge, learners are required to complete the face-to-face training and pass a practical project assessment. 


Earners of this badge are able to use Photoshop tools and techniques to organise and enhance a digital image. They have proven that they are able to: organise layers into groups, align and space them neatly, and apply effects through Layer Styles. They are able to make precise selections with the Select and Mask workspace and use adjustment layers to enhance images in a non-destructive manner.

Visit the Digital Badges at Cardiff Met page to find out more about our digital credentialing programme.

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Specific Learning Outcomes

​By the end of the session trainees should be able to:

  • Organise, group and align layers neatly.
  • Use Layer Styles to change how parts of an image interact with each other, to, for example, add effects such as shadows or gradients.
  • Use Masks to adjust the transparency of parts of a layer, thus allowing images to be neatly blended together.
  • Save and edit selections using Masks.
  • Make accurate selections with the Refine Edge tool.
  • Make advanced and non-destructive image adjustments by utilising adjustment layers such as Photo Filter and Hue/Saturation.


Got a question?

See whether the Certification FAQs page answers it, or find out more about more about Digital Badges at Cardiff Met.  If you still have questions, get in touch with the IT Training team via email.