Microsoft Technology Associate at Cardiff Met

​Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) is a Microsoft qualification scheme that validates technical skills and knowledge.

At Cardiff Met our MTA Web Design Fundamentals course leads to the Introduction to Programming Using HTML and CSS Microsoft Technology Associate certification. The course develops learners so that they are confident in two key web technologies (HTML and CSS); the MTA certification provides proof of those skills.

We also offer MTA courses and exams for the other eleven MTA qualifications. See the Microsoft Technology Associate training and certification page for details of these courses.

Job statistics, primarily: 77% of jobs in the next decade will require some technology skillsA MTA certification is a great addition to any CV as it is evidence that you have strong technical skills. Technology skills are required by the majority of jobs, regardless of your chosen field.

77% of jobs will require some technology skills

From: Microsoft Certification - Employability evidence from around the world, 2016-17

A Microsoft Technology Associate certification is also an ideal starting point for those who are pursuing a career in technology. An MTA is the preferred pathway to qualifications such as Microsoft Certified Professional.

For more information about MTAs, take a look at the Certiport MTA page.